Start A Woodworking Business In Your Home

It is possible to start a woodworking business in your home and make good living. However if you are new to this type business you will a plan. This plan will show you to get you woodworking business up and running in a timely and cost-effective manner. The plan you […]

China’s Investment in Africa

It seems that every week we hear of further Chinese investments in the African economies. Although there are mixed opinions on how growth is being achieved, and at what “expense”, there is no doubt that the money is coming rolling in. South Africa’s Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, forecasts in […]

Fatal Flaws in Your Business Plan

A business plan is the blueprint that guides aspiring entrepreneurs as they build their new business ventures. From 2008 – 2010, I taught a 20-week business plan writing course at an SBA-affiliated women’s business development organization. We met for three hours each week and students wrote their plans week by […]