Cabify Boost Their New Logistics Business by Investing $20M

Edna B. Shearer

cabify spain funding

Cabify boosts its new logistics by investing $20M. Amazing news for the Startup world.

Cabify is a Madrid-based international mobility platform. They have now one more strong business titled to their name and this is amazing news for the world of logistics Startups. It now expands its business with diversification as it will work in the logistics business for storage and mobility.

The amount they are spending in their logistics business is really huge and this will help the company to boost their business with $20M.

Cabify is a company that is ready to face the challenges of the logistics world with efficient handling and that too with quality and they will do all this with the help of technology which is indeed the need of time to make work more efficient and hassle-free.

Cabify work in 2 different E-commerce model that is B2B and B2C as they provide the best service not only by storing but delivering the parcel on time to the recipients.

Cabify firmly believes in technology that’s why they have used modern-day technology for warehouse and management to live tracking and delivering of parcels.
They will use the amount to improve their services and to make it one of the best business logistics companies.

Customer need is very important plus the satisfaction the customers wants so keeping this in mind Cabify provides a customization service to their customers which is indeed a great facility for a customer and this makes Cabify the best company to stand out among the other logistics companies.

Vicente Pascual is the Vice President of Cabify Logistics and he is really excited about this project as he said that it will facilitate thousands of companies who already know us of the service we provide ride-hailing.
This will help out Cabify to grow its business more effectively as many companies know them for their best work in the market.

Cabify has its presence in other regions as well namely Europe and Latin America.
It’s a growing giant when it comes to the field of logistics.
Cabify logistics will work in Spain Peru Argentina and many other cities and countries.

In Latin America, they have a very good strategy as they will focus on delivering fast and on time to supermarkets and retailers.

Cabify has a solid plan for the Spanish market as they wish to expand their warehouse services by taking more orders and delivering to every customer With specific routes to the city and specific warehouses.

Cabify has certainly done a great job and investing $20M in logistics with solid planking will make this company shine like a star.

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