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Edna B. Shearer

Online trading is a form of securities trading that has taken over the Forex and equities markets. It provides retail investors with the opportunity to trade in global financial markets. It is defined as the trading of financial instruments using online communication between traders or their agents. This form of securities trading has become commonplace in today’s global marketplace and it has become a popular way for investors to earn returns on their investments while reducing risk and minimizing volatility.

This form of securities trading has been extremely beneficial for both stock market investors and currency exchange traders because it gives them access to trade in products that were not previously available through traditional offline methods, such as the options markets. The benefits associated with this type of securities trading are that they have lower transaction costs per trade than if you traded on an exchange. In addition, there are no limits placed upon how frequently you can execute trades and there also isn’t any need to waste time by waiting for specific market hours to initiate a trade because the markets are open 24 hours per day. It is also possible to execute trades in real-time rather than waiting for stocks to open for trading on the first business day after placing your buy or sell order.

The Boom Is All About Ease

The ease of use involved in online ordering places it far ahead of traditional methods for placing trades that rely on telephone calls or sending orders via fax. Forex trading brokers work to provide traders with access to live prices and allow them to buy and sell shares at any time during their working day or night. Unlike placing regular orders through a broker’s office or investment bank, online traders are able to view and manage their positions at all times.

Advances in technology have also meant that the speed of online trading has vastly improved over the past decade. Where it would previously take hours or days for an order to execute through traditional methods, orders placed online arrive at their destination and complete execution within seconds.

The rise of these platforms means that any investor with a computer can access market information from around the world, placing trades from their home PC or laptop. This enormous flow of data available via the internet has led to many investors turning to technical analysis techniques to help them formulate trade strategies based on volume information gleaned from real-time price charts generated by automated trade execution systems used by professional money managers.

They allow retail investors to place trades in a market that was traditionally the exclusive preserve of professional investors and large financial institutions.

Green Tower Investments

Today I am going to review my forex trading platform. I have been doing business with Green Tower Investments for many years and I started trading with their basic account because I had already trusted 4 fake brokers and I was not ready to take any more risks. After my trust in the broker was established, I upgraded and today I have the Gold account.

My Overall Trading Experience

I must say that Green Tower Investments was the most rigorous broker when it comes to security and risk management. My overall experience has been great. I have been using them for quite some time now. This review is based on my first-hand experience with Green Tower Investments.  

I have seen them work hard to provide a good in the class trading platform for traders from all over the world to trade on. They have various asset classes which cater to everyone’s needs and help them grow their profits. They are known for their high security, integrity as well as state of art technical setup which makes it easy to trade on.

Powerful Trading Tools To Assist

The trading platform offered is not only powerful but is also very easy to use with numerous trading tools that help a trader be profitable in every market condition. The charting software provided by Green Tower Investments has one of the best features like totally customizable charting and drawing tools. They come up with multiple ways of analyzing data from different angles. The software also has a variety of technical analysis tools to help you watch the market in real-time. They also provide an extensive range of indicators that help you develop your trading skills.

Superior Website And Interface To Facilitate

The platform has a very easy-to-use trading platform with all the important features that you need to monitor your trades. It also provides an android and iPhone supported website for those traders who want to trade using phone devices although I am not sure if it is available in your country. You can see your entire portfolio, as well as detailed information in great charts with a super-fast refresh rate.  One of the most interesting features is real-time quotes and charting capabilities right on your website homepage/trading page! Also, overall Green Tower Investments has a user-friendly trading platform that is well organized and loads fast so it’s great for scalping strategies among other things.

4 Different Accounts To Make Things Easy

It provides 4 different account types: Basic, Silver, Gold & Platinum. The higher the level the more withdrawal limits you get and as expected their Platinum Account offers the highest possible withdrawal so you don’t need to worry about your account being frozen or anything. The lower accounts are also great. The basic account is for young traders that are just starting and the Silver account is for those who need some improvements but they will surely move to Gold or Platinum level when they get more experience.

Overall, Green Tower Investments delivers what they claim during the registration process (i.e. low spreads, high withdrawal rate and so on). I have noticed that their spreads are usually lower than most forex brokers out there but commissions do vary depending on what market you want to trade in so if you trade wisely then commissions would be close to zero.

Trading Signals

I have been benefiting a lot from trading signals. These help by providing trading setups that one can use to trade in the right direction. Trading signals help traders avoid the dilemma of what to do in a stock that is not making any new high or low. I have been using these services for around 3-4 months now and my portfolio has increased by leaps and bounds, thanks to some of the solid recommendations provided by these trading signals which helped me to trade judiciously and not at the stock’s mercy. The live market analysis provided by the trading signals is also fairly good.

Account Opening

Opening an account with them is fairly simple, just like opening up a new account with any other financial institution or stockbroker. The first step is to open an account online. This can be done by going through the application form and filling out your personal details and investing goals. After submitting your information online, you will receive a confirmation email that confirms that your account has been successfully opened.


Feedback Mechanism

Near the end of every month, they should ask about 4-5 questions on an online chat for identity verification and feedback purposes. Apart from that, if traders use the forum at least once for at least around 30 minutes this activity should be noted in the trader’s file which will help their system monitor trading frequency closely to avoid any potential fraud. This policy can be very good to avoid any inexperienced traders. And as you can expect, I have never seen this practice with other brokers (or at least the ones that I have tested) too, but these two activities can improve the process and the platforms significantly. 

No International Number

Green Tower Investments’s support is great but they do not provide any International contact phone numbers which is unfortunate. Traders need to get in touch for various purposes and want one on one conversations.  Once there was a fake broker who pretended to be someone from the company and he was sending out emails that have similar logos such as the Green Tower Investments’s logo. I wanted to contact immediately but I had to wait. So, you should always take into consideration this fact before depositing money, especially if it’s your first time with a broker. However, I believe Green Tower Investments has an instant online chat now for assistance purposes so don’t hesitate to contact them through this service.

Last Thoughts

I would like to conclude the review by saying that I have found Green Tower Investments is a trustworthy brokerage company that offers its services to all customers looking to invest their money or securities in different assets without any unnecessary hurdles. Although it has some minor issues, one cannot ignore that it has many positive sides which make up for the minor setbacks it might have. The broker-dealer’s low fees along with highly flexible investment options are two of the most important factors in my book.  I hope my Green Tower Investments review has been helpful in any way. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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