A Review of the LeTip International, Inc Business Networking Group

LeTip International, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Ken Peterson. Today this is the world’s largest privately owned business leads organization. LeTip International has 15 regional directors, overseeing over 525 of it’s chapters throughout the US and Canada. Simply put, this is the largest business networking group in the world. Original research indicates they have a lot of real loyal followers who have been with them many years with a lot of credibility.

LeTip International provides business members the guidance and structure of their program. You can expect a regional Director or Ambassadors to fully train chapter members in presentation skills as well as leadership skills. All of LeTip’s materials for running a chapter are fully provided without cost.

Annual training in up to date chapter building and networking techniques for Board members and Committee members are provided. You can also expect the staff of LeTip International to assist it’s members whenever it is necessary.

What LeTip International expects from it’s member are to be ethical, professional and experienced in their lines of work and services. They expect members to attend meetings to build professional relationship and to assist all LeTip members to be successful.

LeTip is not a get rich quick formula. Members first need to become proficient in networking, learning first how to promote their businesses with ease and gaining the trust of their chapter’s members. LeTip International promotes long standing relationships that earn it’s members qualified referrals year after year. This is the cornerstone to what makes this company the success it has grown into.

LeTip’s program has worked successfully for thousands of business people by following their unique program that is built on trust and it’s members supporting each other.

As a member, your category of business is exclusive to the chapter you are a part of. A member’s competition is excluded from joining your chapter.

If a potential member wishes to join a chapter in a particular region and their category is already taken, they can either find another chapter near them, or campaign to start a new chapter in the area.

Every potential member must attend two consecutive meetings before an application for membership into a chapter is considered. Also, an inspection of the applicants business is required before acceptance. After this process, the regional chapter members take a vote.

There are new membership fees as well as a small chapter fee upon joining. Additionally, members pay dues within their chapters throughout the year. Chapter fees are collected quarterly. There are no paid positions or profits, only the costs associated with running the chapter.

LeTip International provides a very real way for small business owners to realize their dreams of success through growing their businesses in a very natural way. This was Ken Peterson’s dream when he began LeTip almost thirty years ago.

It is through the support of members to other members that makes this unique business networking company work for thousands of it’s members every day. For more information about a LeTip regional chapter near you, you must go to their website and contact this company personally for additional information.

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