Avoiding This Mistake Can Save You Thousands When Shopping Online

Edna B. Shearer

I love to shop online; in fact I make maybe 80-90% of my purchases online. So who would have thought I had been making a huge mistake the whole time! After all, I love to shop. I thought I was a pro. Finding the latest deals, saving money on almost every type of merchandise. Little did I know I was OVERPAYING!

Wow, yes it was a tough revelation for me to come to grips with LOL, but it was true. I was just buying online and in most cases getting the same price the retailer always sells the product for. It wasn’t until a friend of mine, a guy no less, saw me making a purchase online.

He said, “Oh cool, you found an online coupon for that?”

I said, “Did I find what?”

He said again, “An online coupon, you know, so you can get a discount and save a little money.”

Huh, I was flawed. How was it I never heard of this before? I’m not totally surprised that he knew about them since he is a techie and pretty internet savvy when it comes to getting around the internet.

So here’s what he told me:

Online coupons, also known as coupon codes, discount codes, etc are used to save money when you buy something online.

You go to a coupon site and it has the code there, usually offering a percent off your purchase or free shipping if you buy over a certain amount.

Just click the link of the online bioptimizers coupon code you want and it takes you straight to the merchant’s website. Then just make your purchase. Sometimes they may ask you to put the code in and viola, you just saved money!

Needless to say I signed up immediately for a newsletter from the site below; to get the latest discount codes sent to my inbox and am an avid user of this site.

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