Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser – Is it a Great Investment For Your Business?

Today, a commercial paper towel dispenser is an important bathroom fixture that business owners should really invest on. It may sometimes go unnoticed, but the impact of paper dispensers on health and sanitation should always be taken seriously. That’s the reason why choosing the right type of commercial paper dispenser requires a thorough research.

When buying for a commercial towel dispenser, you need to decide on its basic features – do you want the automatic touch-free or the manual type? There are a couple of differences between the two that you should really take into consideration.

Manual dispensers include the push-button and lever-action device type. If you’re going to decide based on its practicality, then this type isn’t quite right for you. Although it’s relatively low-priced compared to the touch-free type, manual paper towel dispensers are impractical because it requires the consumer to crank or pull down a lever – even with soaked or filthy hands – so that it will throw out a towel. That’s hardly effective to stop the spread of germs. However, the good thing about this type is that it’s simple to restock and maintain.

The automatic touch-free or motion-activated l dispensers are more convenient and practical to use. All you need to do is to wave your hand underneath the motion sensor and it immediately gives out a precise-sized paper towel. Aside from sanitation, businesses can save a lot on its operational cost because it prevents wasting of paper (consumers and workers tend to take towels that are more than they actually need).

Actually, there are plenty of high-quality manufacturers that you can choose from. There is the Universal Paper Towel Dispenser by Kimberly-Clark that does not need special connectors to accommodate multi-fold and C-fold towels. The Colman Group Inc. introduces their electronic touch-free roll towel dispenser, which gives out precisely cut 10-inch

towel every time the sensors are activated (it is jam-resistant too!). The Georgia-Pacific SofPull Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser does not require much effort to rip off a towel (a single hand would already do the trick).

Overall, you need to buy a commercial dispenser that is convenient and simple for the customers to use – don’t forget that it should be resistant to paper jam too. Wasted towels because of defective machines will contribute to increased garbage on dumping grounds.

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