Dropispy, Adspy, Minea : Which one to choose to find winning products in Dropshipping ?

Edna B. Shearer

Do you desire to experience ecommerce?

Do you desire to build a lucrative online business selling products and making a living doing it?

Dropispy Adspy and Minea (e-commerce dropshipping, affiliate, etc.) are key tools to your success in online sales. These are product search tools that enable you to identify products on the existing market that you can turn into your online shop.

This makes it much easier for ecommerce sellers, as you don’t have the time or resources to spy on your competition.

These tools are able to handle everything. This is why they’re the best product-research tools in 2022.

Although the principle behind product finders is the same as the rest, they have different price points, functionality, and ways of handling. This makes it difficult to make the right selection, especially when trying to find the best.

The following comparison guide will show you the key characteristics of each tool so that you can choose the best one for your business.

 1.  Minea

Let’s start our ranking by Minea. (Minea.com is also a widely utilized product search engine with more than 10,000,000 ads). This database is kept updated on a daily basis.

Minea will help you start dropshipping or an ecommerce business quickly. The tool monitors almost all social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. The tool’s advertising library is significantly larger. This is also its most important advantage over Adspy.

It is a useful tool that will allow you to save time on product research. Minea filters can also be used as a tool to filter keywords, domain names, Facebook pages, dates the ads went live, and many others.

The Starter subscription costs only 49 EUR per calendar month.

2.         Dropispy

Dropispy, which has been in the Adspy industry since its inception, has quickly become a popular tool for dropshippers. Dropispy’s algorithms search Facebook top to bottom in order to gather and store all ads in the ad library.

Dropispy algorithms will catch everything, no matter if it’s product ads, training ads or event ads. Dropispy will always show you your competitors’ products regardless of what online sales strategy you use.

Dropispy currently only collects ads from Facebook. Facebook is the first social media network where advertisers turn to to promote their products.

Dropispy’s product search tool is quite simple, as opposed to the others we will be seeing. You only have to log into the platform to access the entire advertising library.

Every day, there are more than 20000 new ads. The app has filters that allow you to filter ads so only ads that satisfy a particular number of predefined criteria are shown.

Dropispy allows you to search for keywords or text within an ad. Dropshipping terms like “Free shipping”, “Buy”, “Buy Now” …, and so on are very common. They are also useful in your advertising research. The app also offers many filters to help you get better results.

In addition, Dropispy is also distinguished by its “Shop spy” tool which allows you to analyze competitor shops

There is no need to overload yourself with tools that can help you analyze the marketing strategies used by your competitors.

This is a simple method: simply copy the link of the competitor’s Dropispy shop and then paste it to receive qualitative data. This data will be an additional clue to your product choice, as what works in a store may also work in yours.

Dropispy is unique because of its low price. The average monthly cost for the various apps to establish an online store is $100. This is a problem for newbies who don’t have enough money and want to get started.

Dropispy provides an opportunity to launch e-commerce and dropshipping without investing thousands of euros. Dropispy’s monthly subscription is less than $30 and includes all the features listed above.

It is the ideal tool that we recommend to all who want to sell online.

3.         Adspy

Adspy has been a very well-known tool for product research. The process of operation is exactly the same. Adspy does not only collect ads from Facebook.

Dropispy’s platform is all you need to do, log in. This will allow you to access a vast database of all the ads from Adspy’s algorithm on social media networks.

You can filter your search results by several criteria like keyword, customer type or number of likes, type of advertisement (photo, video or carousel) . It’s a complete tool that gives you a view of all products on sale and lets you choose which marketing strategies will work best.

Its price is high in comparison to other tools. Adspy requires a monthly payment of 149$ to access. Given all the functionality offered by the tool, it is unquestionable that this tool is worth the price.

But, we don’t recommend that you do this, especially if it is your first time selling online and you don’t have a large financial budget.

Dropispy also offers the same features for less than $30 per month.


It can be difficult to find the right product in dropshipping if you don’t have all the information. Use the tools provided in this article to simplify product research.

You can see that all adspy software follows the same operating principle. The difference is in the extra features, like Dropispy’s analysis of competitor shops and Dropispy’s price, which is $149 at Adspy but $29 at Dropispy.

Dropispy is, without a doubt, the best adspy software we recommend. Dropispy is the best price, simple to use, and has additional features.

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