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6 Reasons You Need An Amazon Product Ranking Tool To Monitor Listings

Hundreds of millions of products are listed in over 30 categories on the Amazon marketplace in the United States. And, while such figures may seem ridiculous, the great majority of things accessible on Amazon (that have made one or more sales) are given a special ranking known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). You can look for the best Amazon Tools

What is the Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

A Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number that Amazon assigns to practically every product in its multi-million-item catalogue once it has made at least one sale. As a result, the BSR is a good measure of how well a product is selling on Amazon right now. You should know that lower the BSR, the greater the product’s sales.

The BSR, on the other hand, only applies to how a product sells in a specific category. In other words, products do not have an aggregate BSR that compares their sales to those of all other Amazon products. However, because many products sell in several categories on Amazon, an item may have multiple BSRs. This is especially true when you consider that practically every major category and sub-category on Amazon has its own best-seller rating system.

So, a product in the Kitchen & Dining category on Amazon may have a BSR of 2,000, whereas the same product listed in Toys & Games may have a BSR of 20,000.

What factors go into determining the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Although Amazon does not divulge how the Best Sellers Rank is determined, it is influenced by a number of criteria, including:

  • Sales in the present and the past
  • Changes in product prices and promotions
  • Products that are competitive

Current sales trends, as well as past sales volume, have the most influence on the BSR, which is updated hourly. For example, just because a product sells 10 units in one hour but only one the next does not imply it will instantly drop to a BSR for products that only sell one per hour. Instead, the BSR algorithm will take both sales velocities into consideration.

What is Amazon’s organic ranking?

For a given keyword, organic ranking refers to where a product appears on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP). Meanwhile, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is useful for evaluating a product’s monthly sales frequency. The product’s current Amazon Best Sellers Rank is unaffected by its position on Amazon’s SERP. In actuality, the SERP is arranged according to what Amazon considers to be the most relevant products for that keyword search. However, just because a product ranks well on Amazon’s SERP doesn’t guarantee that it will perform well in the BSR. Every category has its own Best Sellers Rank. In a nutshell, you must sell more things than your competition and outsell them! Your BSR will not improve if you sell the same number of products or fewer than your competitors. You should focus on optimizing your listing with relevant keywords and appealing language if you want to boost the search ability of your product as well as the conversion rate.


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