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Edna B. Shearer

Online Trading Platforms have become very common these days. A few years back, online trading platforms were considered only for serious traders and people with deep pockets. But now, a lot of companies have come up to offer a wide range of products covering stocks, funds, commodities etc at very reasonable prices. No doubt that these are proving to be a boon for people with small investment needs as well. One should always remember that online trading is not just about buying and selling stocks, commodities or funds. It involves a huge amount of calculations like margin calculation, lot size etc which might seem hard at first but if one follows the instructions fully there would be absolutely no problem with it.

Nowadays we get offers from all companies promising big returns on our investments but the good thing about online trading platforms is they offer a single platform for all your requirements under one roof without any risk attached to it. You should always go for a platform that allows fair & transparent access to global financial markets enabling traders worldwide to securely trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures and ETF s with transparent execution, built-in trading tools and free real-time streaming quotes.  One of the major reasons why I finally decided to join the Financial Centre was that it offered the flexibility to buy all major currency pairs and CFD products while it gave traders access to an optimal working environment. 

I have always believed that forex trading forums are an excellent tool in the hands of a trader, albeit there are lots of complexities and challenges that go with it. These days you will find plenty of Online Forex Trading Platforms to choose from but not all are created equal. There are many factors one should consider before venturing into an online forex trading platform. The first and foremost of them is to compare various online forex trading platforms, find out which ones are offering what and what kind of experience you will have.

The most important thing about an online forex trading platform is that it should offer a variety of products so as to cater to all the requirements and needs of the investors. One must always remember that there can never be a foolproof system or an algorithm for success in Online Forex Trading Platforms.  In fact, it is more like gambling where one needs some luck but if you follow your instincts then believe me all the odds are in your favour! In this article, I will review my Forex Trading Platform, Financial Centre, so as to help you make an informed decision about which platform is best for forex trading according to your unique needs and preferences.

Before we start, I would like to make it clear to all of you that one should always remember that investing through online trading platforms doesn’t guarantee a profit or protect against loss. The risk involved is the same as in traditional stock exchanges but the good thing is that it is possible to close a deal within seconds if conditions are met, which makes online trading more convenient and affordable for traders.

Quick and Easy Registration

While setting up an account with Financial Centre one doesn’t have to go through any lengthy process; they just need to provide information like name, email id and mobile number which is necessary for communication purposes in case of any query or issues. For security purposes, a user will get an authentication code that can be entered to activate his new account as soon as possible after filling in all the details asked for. It’s important that a user should read all the terms & conditions carefully before signing up as ignorance of terms might lead to misunderstanding and future problems.

What Is Next?

Once the account is activated, a trader can trade using a wide choice of trading platforms like web and mobile platforms on popular devices such as iPhone/iPad and Android. The online trading platform provided by this firm is some traders usually find very user-friendly and require no special expertise to get started with it. The font, colours and theme all come together to give the website a superior interface.

Pick Your Account

Usually, forex brokers will offer a few different types such as an account with the lowest minimum deposit and its own set of limitations compared to other accounts which may have a higher initial deposit requirement but will allow more trades or bigger transactions. Here at this website, there are different types of accounts available for different people or companies based on their requirements:  (a) Self Management (b) Wealth Management (c) Retirement (d) All Star (e) Inner Circle. All the account holders need to deposit a fixed amount of money beforehand to start trading. There are some special conditions which need to be fulfilled in case we want to upgrade our account to higher ones but it is a very simple process. I joined this forum as a forex trader but now I have made several deals in crypto and stocks. 

Financial Managers For Your Help

Another commendable feature of the Financial Centre that I have always made use of is that they give you dedicated financial managers. It ensures that one will never feel alone whenever he needs to get in touch with the support staff. In the event where one is not sure how to go about trading and investment, the professional manager will take care of everything for him. I’ve always been impressed by their level of professionalism efficiently displayed, even in the worst cases. They always know exactly what needs to be done. This not only assures me of their competence but also inspires confidence that they are up to it. The managers are available most of the time during the week to solve your queries and keep you updated about the latest changes or happenings related to financial markets. 


This company struggles to make your working experience better. One step towards this is that they offer you a chance to trade with leverage. This means that they let you use a certain amount of money to trade in huge amounts of currency pairs and this can give you the ability to make more money which is always a good thing. This is what most platforms lack because they are not in the market to serve traders but to scam them and get hold of their hard-earned money. 

No App Available for Android and iOS

One problem or area of improvement that I have seen over years is that they do not offer an app.  This is not really good because we have to always use their website. Another point to consider for an app is that you can trade on your mobile. If you are in a meeting, or even if you are travelling, then you can literally still be connected at all times as this will allow the flexibility of being able to get work done while away from home. Also, the website can get slow sometimes and kick you out of the site so this sometimes makes it hard to do any transactions when necessary immediately. Although this has a lot to do with the internet connection, an app can help us overcome all these issues. 

No Virtual Money

One thing that the traders need to work on is that they need to allow new traders to practise their trading skills with virtual money before going live because no real money involvement can be something highly risky. Once a trader goes live he should be given an initial credit of $25,000 which he can use for trading purposes during the first 3 months and after completion of 3 months if their equity maintains more than 80% then they would be allowed to trade further using full equity amount otherwise they need to deposit some funds to their account.  This is just a recommended strategy but this can be altered and improved in any way because we only wish to help the young traders gain a little experience before they start trading actually.

Concluding Remarks

Searching for online forex brokers can be quite confusing, especially because there are hundreds of them out there that claim to be the best in their business but fall short when it comes to truthfulness. It doesn’t help at all that some companies call themselves “brokers” when in fact they’re not even close. This is why one has to remain very careful throughout. It provides good services whether it is related to technical assistance or customer support. The company sticks to its aim of making trading easy by following simple steps which is something that can help not only the young but also the elderly traders. If you ask me all in all, my experience with the Financial Centre has been satisfying and I have never had any major issues till now so I can say that you can look into this one.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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