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Do you have a low par and are you really blaming your equipment – bag, clubs etc? Well, no matter the time you spend practicing at your local club or watching golfing videos you will not advance your game with defective golf equipment, this is a fact.

I would recommend you review your golf equipment as a primary step in advancing your game.

Purchasing golfing equipment for the first time can lead to expensive mistakes, you may read reviews or take the advice of a friend but unless you personally inspect your bags and try your golf clubs etc you will end up replacing them within a very short time. A lot can be said about the cost of golfing equipment, whether its good to purchase new or used clubs but inspection, trial and research fuels the right decision every time and in the long run can save you a lot of money and much disappointment.

If you are looking to regrip your clubs for example, first and foremost: be careful. The reason for caution is that the grips on your clubs ultimately affect your game and if you were to regrip and it went wrong your game will suffer accordingly. Prior to regripping your clubs understand the core grip of the club and in addition the size of your hand, the shaft of the club ideally will match the grips diameter.

In short, use only the very best materials for grip that are known to improve the performance of the club and ultimately your game.

One more golfing tips using ill-fitted clubs is a disaster waiting to happen., determining best grip is proportionate to the golfers body mass and strength thus with these two factors aligned a perfect swing (in relation to your skill) is possible and a lower par achievable.

On the basis you have a healthy budget for your golf clubs, then custom clubs are a must and are buy far a better investment for the pro and amateur golfer alike. One can buy clubs of the shelf and indeed a reasonable set of clubs can purchased at a good price but what sets custom golf clubs apart; they have grips designed exclusively for you.

You can expect to pay significantly more for custom golf clubs, but I believe the improvement in your game is worth the extra money.

On final golf tip, your clubs need to be the number one item on your shopping list and play the most crucial role in your game. The choice you make for your clubs will contribute largely to your game and this is why research is critical. There are 2 types of clubs available, let’s take a brief look. Firstly, there are steel shaft club and there is the graphite-made golf club. So, generally the steel shaft clubs are the preferred choice for the professional golfer male or female, the graphite clubs are becoming very popular with women players and advanced and new golfers it is worth bearing in mind that generally steel shafts are less expensive than graphite shafts and graphite clubs are noticeably lighter. Ultimately, the choice of club is yours with the only limitation being your budget.

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