How To Create An Insightful Webinar Perspective With QR Codes In Your Web Conferencing Training Session?

Edna B. Shearer

The growth for online meetings is expanding as the Moz average search volume for the word “webinar” in the United States increases from 30,000 to 70,000 per month, owing to the COVID-19 outbreak in the early 2020s, which has shifted numerous school and office tasks digitally.

As a result of increases, many digital seminar services are now going to compete to continue providing people seeking to develop knowledge and skills on a specific topic with a very insightful and impactful web conferencing training experience.

While many are reshaping their marketing strategies to incentivize more people to sign up for their web conferencing platform, a few are beginning to transform their webinar workshop delivery by incorporating innovative technical tools like QR codes to intrigue more people to sign up for one of the webinars they offer.

Often these webinar organizers use an online QR code generator to start creating their QR codes, enabling their attendees to gain new knowledge and techniques in a novel manner both during and after the conference.

Guide in making a QR code for your webinar workshop

The first step in turning your webinar workshop into a QR code is to secure the resources you want to turn into a QR code and a QR code generator that provides genuine and functional QR code services.

Following these QR code creation steps, you can create the QR code for your webinar workshop once you’ve secured the files or links you want to convert into a QR code.

1. Sign up for an account on an online QR code generator with logo website.

2. Choose the type of content you want to convert into a QR code.

3. Complete the required fields and select “Generate dynamic QR code.”

4. Redesign your QR code and conduct a scan test.

5. Add your QR code to your virtual presentation by downloading it.

How Can Webinar Organizers Host A QR-Coded Insightful Webinar Conference?

Now that most webinar planners are searching for innovative ways to enhance their web conferencing hosting capabilities, QR codes can help them develop their web conferencing hosting capabilities while also providing an insightful webinar encounter for their attendees.

Share the social media channels of the webinar speaker

Suppose one of your webinar’s goals is to increase your followers on social media and help people broaden their newly acquired skills by regularly visiting your organization’s and webinar speaker’s social media pages and groups. In that case, you can use a social media QR code to store all of your webinars and webinar speakers’ social media pages.

Your participants can keep track of all the webinar events you’re currently promoting on your social media channels and sign up for those that intrigue them.

Create a QR code poster that participants can scan to register

By simply placing QR codes in their print promotional items, webinar planners can consolidate the use of QR codes as an access point for visitors to quickly sign up for their online training.

People who want to participate in the webcast can quickly jot down their enrollment information and identify the day of the webcast they wish to attend by scanning the QR code and opening the registration form software.

Use QR codes to connect all of the coursework you want to share

You can use QR codes as a passageway for all of the instructional content you would like to distribute in the webinar you’re hosting, and you can start sharing it with your attendees by simply allowing them to scan the code to access all of the resources they require to upscale their knowledge and skills.


Many academic and work techniques and approaches transition and adapt to these changes as technology progresses. Webinar head coaches can fulfill their aspirations to represent the future of webcasts by connecting the QR code-driven civilization, which provides an insightful ability to encourage people to expand their horizons and identify possible expertise.

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