Importance of Fleet Maintenance For Your Car

Edna B. Shearer
Importance of Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Management - Fleetio

When you have a fleet, your vehicles are one of your fleet’s top investments so you have to take proper care of them since it is an integral part of managing a productive business. You are at risk of compromising your employees’ safety, failing FMCSA inspections, and paying for costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime if you do not have a proactive approach in your 

fleet maintenance in New Orleans. So what is the importance of fleet maintenance for your car? Let’s take a deeper dive into it.

What is Fleet Maintenance?

The process of keeping your vehicle operating in a good enough condition is what fleet maintenance is, making sure that they are safe, reliable, and could stay on the road much longer. An integral part of managing a fleet helps businesses reduce operating costs, improve vehicle inspection outcomes and so many other benefits when you choose to develop a preventative maintenance program. It is better to prevent than to replace.

How Can Proper Fleet Maintenance Reduce Your Cost?

Having proper fleet maintenance would help in detecting any problems before they become serious and saves your business overtime because it costs less over time than delaying service until a problem arises even though you may think that getting your vehicle’s services constantly would drain your budget. It’s quite the opposite. You are going to be paying less for frequent oil changes than you would replace the whole engine.

One thing you could also keep in mind is that when a vehicle experiences a major technical problem, it would always mean losing money over and above the repair cost xo the resulting unplanned downtime means that you would have wasted wages and delayed loads and one of your vehicle being taken off the road for an extended time for extensive repairs.

Part of the maintenance features that you may have when you have a GPS fleet tracking software is the reports that are outlining detailed information on the status and conditioning of every vehicle across your fleet. They would be able to alert managers to all of the potential problems and be addressed before anything may start becoming serious. 

How can fleet maintenance help extend equipment’s life span?

Being vigilant about preventative maintenance would help you get the most out of your vehicle and it is shown that proper maintenance could extend the equipment’s longevity so if you are keeping the tires at the proper pressure and rotating them regularly, it increases their mileage. 

If you are having a hard time knowing where to start, you could start with following the service schedule that is provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer, but this depends on your fleet’s news because you may need to get your cat serviced more frequently compared to what the manufacturer recommends. 

There are some Fleet services that have tracking software that could help you manage to stay on top of maintenance schedules and automatically track your metrics like mileage, fuel use, and engine hours. This tracking software makes it eerie to know when your vehicle needs repair, plan your asset use, budget and staffing wisely in order to prevent time being wasted. 

How can fleet maintenance improve vehicle inspection outcomes?

If you want to improve your standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), make sure that you have a truck fleet maintenance prepared. There were over 5.5 million roadside drivers and vehicles in 2016, and 630,028 of them resulted in at least one out-of-service (OOS) violation and they have noticed that the top 10 violations that were observed could have easily been prevented with regular maintenance. 

Keeping vehicles well-maintained also impacts CSA scores, as companies with poor scores resulting from violations are far less likely to be hired, damaging their business beyond the money they already lose by paying for serious repairs and downtime. If there are underlying equipment problems that are detected in a post-accident investigation, it is important from a liability perspective since your company may be ruled against for negligence.

The benefits of constant fleet maintenance for your car go far beyond helping the managers plan some efficient routes or recording drivers’ HOS. It could help keep track of maintenance, DVIR, and diagnostics reports, monitor vehicle metrics like axle weights and tire pressures, and provide insights from data that would otherwise be hard to track.

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