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Edna B. Shearer

Being the eldest with no one to earn in the family, the pressure was on me to earn. I have tried many ways to earn money but they all failed because my age and being a female wasn’t an advantage. I decided to join the army where I was given a salary for one year of training but after that I had to be transferred somewhere else with no compensation.

Then, when in my first mission, I thought about trading forex as it would not require me to travel, with help of few friends, I started to learn forex trading through reading books. After reading a lot and understanding even more, I felt like I was in a position where I could start earning through forex trading, so based on my findings and experience same as many others who became millionaires in Forex trading so, I opened an account at InfinityCapitalG.

I decided to go with this platform on my friends’ recommendation because he had previously been trading through this platform and was able to gain a lot of success from it. I opened an account at InfinityCapitalG on 28th March 2019 with an amount of 250 euros, minimum deposit for the self-managed account type.

I remember my friend told me how he has tried many platforms and suffer losses and scams. He was sure about InfinityCapitalG and told me that this is one of the best trading platforms he had used.

Since I knew that I don’t have much practical experience, I investigated the platform thoroughly before making my first trade. I came to know that InfinityCapitalG has been in business since many years and have a team of expert advisors for assistance. It is secure trading platform to trade forex, CFDs and options as it uses SSL encryption technology. And I was also told that the trader can take help from customer service if they need any information regarding how to make trades.

There are several benefits of using a forex trading platform like InfinityCapitalG. The main reason is because it can be used to trade on the go, at any time and from anywhere which means that traders will not have to remain in front of their computer all day long as they may do with other FX platforms.

So, let’s talk about thoroughly what I liked and didn’t like about the platform that might help other users to decide whether this platform is up to their mark and expectations.

Following is the order of criteria for the evaluation I will be going through.

  • Customer service
  • Safety and security
  • Educational center
  • Withdrawals and Deposits and their payment methods

Customer Service:

For a trading platform to be a decent broker, its customer service has to be superb. You can usually tell if a customer service is good by how fast and helpful the trader responds to your question or comment. Head-to-head comparison of customer service for all of the forex brokers is not possible, however it’s still safe to say that every broker represents itself with a unique level of customers’ care and support.

InfinityCapitalG customer service seems to be a cut above the rest, meeting and surpassing some of the highest standards in the industry. The account manager at InfinityCapitalG seems to speak English better than most other forex brokers that I have previously used. In my personal experience, I haven’t been able to get a trading platform like this one for such an insanely low rate, and it has been great after I experienced InfinityCapitalG’s customer services. This is why I find myself using it more than any other platform.

There was a time when I didn’t understand how to read the trading chart but upon contacting one of their representatives I was able to ask the questions I needed and also learn from a professional how they perceive the market. I gained knowledge that enabled me to trade in a real time environment without being shocked by sudden changes, allowing me to react calmly to any situation and be proficient and anticipate my next move before it happens.

To contact them, they have options such as email, live chat and phone call option. They offer the best customer service in Forex trading industry. I tried their live chat option and it was so fast and very useful. The best thing is that they have a customer service number where we can contact them anytime to get online help. However, their phone call service is only available for the residents of the UK, Australia, and Austria. 

Safety and Security:

When it comes to safety and security, InfinityCapitalG is one of the most superior platforms for forex traders. InfinityCapitalG is constantly updated with backup and security features to ensure that accounts are always safe from any cyber-attacks. Funds are kept safely in segregated bank accounts, and no single point of failure will bring the platform down as it is a parallel architecture system.

To make its users fell safe with them, InfinityCapitalG has mentioned all the policies & systems on its official website properly. InfinityCapitalG is a forex trading platform that combines the use of state-of-the-art technology, reliable security measures and efficient customer support. The team at InfinityCapitalG strives to provide traders with a seamless investment experience when dealing online from their computers or mobile devices. These policies include:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Anti-Money Laundry Policy and KYC
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

Educational Center:

This platform doesn’t just give its users a place to do trading safely but also educates them. It offers a virtual education room where traders can learn how to trade, study the trading basics and of course improve their own skills. Learn at your own pace it features a number of educational materials that are presented in an interactive way and which will offer you numerous demonstrations about our unique algorithms. In the end you might even become fully self-sufficient!

The educational center is sub-divided into four sections; eBooks, asset index, glossary, and FAQ.

  • The eBooks section has total 12 different eBooks for the users to go through. The good things is that these are available free to anyone who visits their webpage. These eBooks helped me a lot as an introduction to forex trading. There are eBooks like ‘Market Analysis’, ‘Beginners strategies eBook’ and many more… However, I feel like once you are done with them, you always crave for more. So, the platform should consider updating eBooks regularly so their clients can learn something new.
  • Moving on the asset index section, it does has necessary information about all kinds of major currency pairs, CFDs etc…The asset index section features details about different types of asset classes, and focuses on their daily prices. These assets are arranged alphabetically which I found extremely convenient.
  • The GLOSSARY offers definitions for almost all the trading terminologies one needs to know. I have used the glossary section often to brush-up my knowledge. InfinityCapitalG have made an excellent research and found the most relevant definitions for Forex trading terms.
  • The FAQ section is also quite helpful as it answers quite a number of questions from readers. These answers are rather funny and while reading them I could really relate with some of the issues that were discussed. This is because most of the times people asking these questions were newbies in forex trading, who have difficulty understanding or knowing how to navigate through InfinityCapitalG platforms.

Withdrawals and Deposits:

All of InfinityCapitalG’s deposits are made smoothly and without any issue through their safe and secure deposit system. The safety is one of the most important things when trading on the internet, which is why I feel so comfortable with InfinityCapitalG at all times.

The deposits can be made in a variety of ways. The most common is through your bank account, but you have other choices as well. InfinityCapitalG offers wire transfers, Bitcoin transfers and e-wallet like Master card and Maestro options for deposits as well. This really helps the business grow because it can accept payments seamlessly in whatever way the customer wants to pay. However, they should also add VISA as well.

The withdrawals with this platform are almost immediate and they don’t charge you any additional fees for every withdrawal. They also have a 24/7 customer support team that is very helpful in solving any issues you might be having. Before requesting for withdrawal request they ask for a screenshot of your active balance to prove that you are not a robot. Which is good for the safety of users

My Final Verdict:

The trading platform is just awesome and suitable for newbies and advanced traders as well. InfinityCapitalG provides a variety of currency pairs to trade, efficient customer service, highly secured environment, competitive commissions, over 70+ currencies available with live streaming prices. I love this broker so much!

Their customer support always ready to help me. In terms of security I didn’t experience any problem in my account login so far. They also helped me with withdrawing funds from my account. The staff of InfinityCapitalG are friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the business industry in general. So thanks to InfinityCapitalG for their super amazing services. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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