MLM Keys To Success – How To “Cheat” Your Way To The Top

Edna B. Shearer

If you’re looking to build your business at a faster pace than ever before, then you are going to want to pay very close attention to this article. There are a few crucial MLM keys to success that if you know them, can show you how to “cheat” your way to the top.

Most people who get involved in a network marketing business go in the direction of traditional marketing techniques to build their business. They pass out product samples, DVDs, business cards and pamphlets. They hold in-house parties and bug their friends and family.

The reality is, though, that using this type of marketing — which I call push-based marketing – will take you several years to really build your business. Not only that, but you’ll go through countless “no’s” and it’s a big, long journey. It is kind of like pushing an elephant up a hill. One of the biggest MLM keys to success, therefore, is to see that this kind of slow build to your business makes it nearly impossible to gain success.

These are concepts that have been taught for about the last 50 years. As the sad statistic is that 97% of network marketers fail, and virtually all new network marketers are taught to market their business this way, this is clearly not a system that works well for most people. One of the biggest MLM keys to success you can learn, is to understand WHY this type of marketing is so slow and difficult, and what type of marketing works much faster and better.

It’s not until we apply direct response marketing that we can experience success from a whole different mental perspective. Direct response marketing is where you have prospects approaching you asking about your products and your opportunity. Learning to apply direct response marketing is truly one of the biggest MLM keys to success.

Although direct response marketing techniques have been around and have been proven to be successful in every industry on the planet for hundreds of years. This didn’t taken off in network marketing, however, until the 1990’s.

If you’re serious about capitalizing on the benefits of direct response marketing – and taking advantage of one of the biggest MLM keys to success out there — then you must first learn what direct response marketing is all about. Direct response marketing is best done by placing ads (either online or offline), and putting your specific targeted audience directly in front of that message.

That puts you in a position of only communicating with prospects who genuinely want what you got. You are also only speaking with people who have submitted their details on your data capture page. This means that you no longer have to chase after people and pull people’s arms trying to force them to be interested in what you got. It’s a lot easier to grow an organization when you have have prospects reaching out to you. When you get the shift in thinking from one to the other, you have one of the biggest MLM keys to success in your arsenal.

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