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Edna B. Shearer

If you have heard of the online forex firm, NostraCapital and want to learn more about it, this article will tell you everything that is important you know before starting working with the broker. This company aims to become the most successful online financial services firm available around the globe and after trading for years with them, I can tell you that they are working towards the goal. 

They are an online company that is very well reputed among the traders. People in the market think that it is one of the few brokers available that can be trusted. It has been in the trading industry for quite some time now and has established itself as a name that works to serve the traders. I got to know about this one from an old friend who was my neighbour back then. He said this firm has the potential to help the clients excel in whatever branch of trading they want to practice. The company offers traders multiple options to explore such as stocks, crypto, forex, commodities and a lot more. Therefore, it’s nothing surprising to see many positive reviews on NostraCapital online. This broker provides trading tools and platforms for its clients that are distinct because they run on software that is a very powerful one so you can definitely consider the predictions and data that they provide you with. 

With so many options and facilities available, it’s not difficult to see why so many traders are using this brand name as their choice of online forex broker. 

How is NostraCapital overall? 

It’s clear that there are many things that make this brand name outstanding among all other Forex brokers. But we cannot say it has no downsides. We have seen some negative reviews from experienced traders, but they did not last long as this broker seems to have acted fast to solve their problems. The truth is that it is easier for someone to give a negative review than a positive one because it only takes a while to voice out our dissatisfaction but I am obliged to praise the extra mile if I receive outstanding services. But let’s ignore some of those ungrateful people and focus on what really matters in this review. I want to make it clear beforehand that NostraCapital has its own flaws too. There have been occasions where I wanted the company to act immediately and I will try to explain all as we go on in the review.  

Trading Platform

NostraCapital’s trading platform is one of the few in the business that you can trust with your precious assets. It ranks high in customer satisfaction and profitable trader optimization. It sports a very user-friendly, but also professional design with few errors or bugs in it (you can barely notice them). As for additional features, there are many that come with their software suites such as bar reports, charts, indicators, automated strategies and much more! This makes NostraCapital’s platform an all-out package from which most people, like me,  don’t regret investing into. In addition to this it provides webinars and support through the reps on how to use their software and manage your own trades effectively.

Optimal Working Environment

I think that provision of an Optimal trading environment is not an easy job. A lot of this comes together to make it possible for the clients to enjoy a trading atmosphere that is constructive for them. Fortunately enough, the company has all that it takes to provide one. I have noticed a few important things in this regard that make the company different from competitors.  NostraCapital’s software works perfectly on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac), and devices including PC’s, Macs, tablets and smartphones keeping the same clean user interface. Their team of super-dedicated developers constantly deliver updates and bug fixes to their customers via phone calls or emails whenever they are needed. 

Safety of Your Investments

The user security software is one of the most secure and trustworthy ones in the eyes of many traders out there. Every single aspect is closely looked into by their security team before a new release in terms of bugs or even any suspicious activity. If anything goes wrong with your account, NostraCapital will look into it immediately and set it right. You can rest assured that you won’t be losing any money while trading on this platform because they invest heavily in security.


The firm has several different plans which will suit everyone’s needs and wishes. For newbie players who just started out in the online investing world, they have a basic plan. This plan offers much-needed benefits for young members such as market reviews and a wide range of tradable assets. This account lets the young ones understand the market dynamics. They have more accounts for large scale traders too. You can have a look at the detailed chart on the website. 

Available 24/7

On top of all the platforms available, one more important feature that makes NostraCapital so special is its 24/7 availability. The company website never goes offline, which is a decisive advantage for all traders out there. There are no blackouts during market hours! Their services allow you to trade at any time from anywhere within seconds after signing up! The web and the phone version also help in making sure that you can use the forum on the go. 

Other Advantages

  • Also, the minimum initial deposit amount for NostraCapital – Brokerage is only €250. This is surely great news for all traders who may not have so much money at first but still want to try their luck with an online broker.
  • The company gives you a dedicated financial advisor. They’ll talk to you and help you plan your budget, invest your money. They’ll give you a financial plan. Your advisor will be with you till your financial goals are achieved. The best part about this feature is that they do not challenge your authority. The final decision remains yours. 
  • The customer support is also great – something you can rely on throughout your trading career with them. I have been getting back to these reps a lot and I have always found them incredibly helpful. 
  • The interface is clean and easy to use. Once you open the website you will see how the developers have made it very easy to use so traders of all ages can easily get the deals done. 

People these days set themselves unrealistic targets and get frustrated when they fail to achieve them. They want to make money fast but don’t realise that it takes time for a business/investment to grow. It’s better not to rush things, just put your plan in place and follow it religiously. All traders have different goals. Their needs vary based on their own individual circumstances and preferences so you should not be entirely relying on what a single person tells you. The Cons I am just going to list might not be worth mentioning for a few and huge for others. So if you are new to online trading then please do your research before starting to trade with any type of online financial broker.

No Platform To Socialize

One major problem of this broker is that it does not provide the traders with a platform that helps them socialize and interact. Although they are kept well informed through the tools and other information sources, interaction helps us see who is up to what. When you develop an idea about the trends then you can expect your decisions to have better outcomes. This is one part that should be addressed because this might help a lot of traders do better. I know a few companies that offer chat rooms and other such services. 

No TV Channel

Although the introduction of a TV channel is a rare feature in forex firms these days, it is a great replacement for ebooks and blog sections that are becoming less useful due to the lack of interest that our new generations have in reading. TV channels are a great source to transfer not only the important knowledge but also the information that experienced traders like to rely on. Some brokers offer live streaming services too but I think that is not something great because with the busy schedules all we can hear is a small 5-10 mins long news bulletin covering all the important news.

Concluding Remarks

One thing we would like to say in conclusion is that before applying to any of the online financial services you should read its terms and conditions thoroughly because many new traders had been trapped by these scams and were duped out of all their hard-earned money. So this was all about the NostraCapital review. 

Thank you for reading it till the end! I hope that it will help you greatly in making your decisions regarding this brand or whether you would like to try some other brand instead! Good luck with Trading! 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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