The Investment Center Reports- 9 ways to avoid a fake forex broker

Edna B. Shearer

Forex fraud is getting worse day by day. We have reached a point where regulation of forex firms has become imperative and something needs to be done to curb the goons very soon. Every day we hear stores of traders being fooled and plundered and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to cease anytime soon. However, there lies a little hope if you decide to take the lead yourself. All the traders who have ended up being on the right forum have trusted themselves with the quest. No one except for the trader himself can tell what he requires for their business. You need to make sure you never compromise on major aspects such as security, order execution, etc. Experts say it is a great idea to make a priority list of features before starting to look for a good broker. You can mark the specs according to their level of importance. If a firm has most of the wanted qualities then you can proceed with the market research. It is important that you know what traders largely think about a broker. Their opinion is usually based on personal experiences or of the ones who are close so they form a great source of information when researching about a forex broker. 

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The Investment Center Broker Michael Cohen has spent years studying and analyzing how fake firms work. This experience makes him able to quickly reach a conclusion and tell if a given firm is fake or real. He can also easily tell how any fake firm functions. We asked him some points that he would recommend us to take care of if we want to keep ourselves safe from fraudulent companies. Below is a quick summary of what he said and thinks. 

  1. Make sure you read all the legal documents and get them checked by a legal expert.
  2. Always use the website on higher magnification to see if they have written any text in a smaller font to make it less visible. 
  3. Check if the broker is registered with some governmental regulatory authority
  4. Compare the tools and indicators’ performance with those of the competitors to be sure that you are relying on authentic real-time data. 
  5. Start from a basic account first and closely observe how things work. Once you are satisfied with the broker then you can upgrade to higher accounts gradually. 
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  1. Always talk to the representatives or someone from the administration about what extra measures the firm has taken to keep your assets and data safe. 
  2. Make sure the parent company and the third party involved (if any), has sound and foolproof security measures. 
  3. Always run a google search and see what sort of reviews have been posted about the broker. If you find any negative ones do not trust them straightway because there is a high probability of them being fake. The same goes for the positive ones. Check with a bunch of current customers to authenticate. 
  4. Finding the right firm has become a little tricky these days but if you choose to remain careful, you can definitely avoid the fake ones.
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