Tips for Building a Marketing Team

Edna B. Shearer

If you have just begun your startup journey, you must have a lot of tasks on your hands. An entrepreneur has a lot to deal with, from building a relationship with customers over products and services to gaining first-hand feedback on the brand. However, early in the process, if you put effort into creating a marketing team, your business stress will be reduced. Starting from selling products and services to customers one-on-one, the marketing team will be able to build a valuable consumer-brand relationship. Moreover, learning-rich consumer insights, finding the hidden steps in the customer’s buying process, and putting the critical selling points forward, a marketing team is a precious resource to a company or startup. 

However, starting the marketing team can seem like an effort at specific points. If you are starting or thinking of starting a business in a post-pandemic world, you already have a lot going on in your mind. Amid the pandemic, companies that did not have the right sales and marketing people at their disposal suffered the most. Many small business owners were smart enough to take their business and marketing effort to the digital world. Even the home-based business owners quickly jumped on the bandwagon and invested in the right digital marketing team to keep their business running. Sometimes, running a business marketing from home requires only high-speed internet service and an easy to adapt marketing strategy. All you need to do is find internet service providers in the United States to keep your business running. Windstream Kinetic is always a good idea as it offers high-speed internet plans, especially for home-based and small businesses. 

On the other hand, coming up with a marketing team is not easy, let alone creating a marketing strategy. Following are some tips to help business owners make the right marketing team for their startup. 

Build a team around a marketing plan

Your marketing plan is the blueprint for your startup’s success. Your marketing plan does not have to be fully drafted and well designed. Instead, a rough draft of a marketing strategy helps others understand how your business and which activities will become part of the plan. Your marketing plan should give a good idea of what skills you will need throughout the process and the proper ways to implement the plan. 

Most importantly, your marketing plan can help you prioritize the skills you need first. Moreover, your marketing plan can help you hire people to match the objectives and even help with onboarding new tools necessary for your new marketing approach. 

Make your first hire a generalist

Your marketing team should be made of professionals. It gets pretty challenging to have experienced professionals on board when running a startup. However, when it comes to marketing a brand, its services, and its products, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Therefore, it’s important to put your brand and its identity in the right hands. This simply means hiring professionals who have expertise in various marketing channels. 

Of course, the capabilities of the professionals come with a price. You need to have the right project management skills and bring many different parts together in your desired budget. You have to make sure that the marketers on board are also good writers. You can ask for a writing sample from your writers to understand their skills and how they will work under pressure. 

Outsource expertise

As we said above, getting professionals on board when running a startup can sometimes become an expense. If you do not want to cross your marketing budget, you can find freelancers that you do not have to pay for a full-time job. Tons of marketing agencies can help link you with a freelance marketer or provide you with a marketing team that can deal with your clients and strategic marketing plans without demanding a fortune. 

Wrapping it up

Building a startup marketing team can be pretty overwhelming. However, finding the rights set for professionals or linking up with a freelance marketer or marketing team can help you scale your brand marketing with limited resources. 

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