Tips for Successful Business Matchmaking

Edna B. Shearer

Business matchmaking is the name of the game in B2B event organizing. This is an excellent method used by business owners to pitch their products and services in an event or trade show. Planning and running B2B matchmaking may be fraught with challenges. However, the returns on business can be both gratifying and lucrative. As an event organizer, you need to set up an efficient environment wherein top companies seek quality contacts with outstanding returns and contracts. Most event attendees know what they are looking for in companies and benefit from networking with business leaders.
B2B matchmaking for entrepreneurs is slightly different from B2C matchmaking. You need to offer flawless logistics for your customers with well coordinated communication channels. As an event planner, you need to increase the quality of the interaction of businesses at your event.
Remember that corporations participate in matchmaking only because they have specific business opportunities available. As an event organizer or a trade show host, you need to keep in mind a few things.
Most successful matchmakers confirm their scheduled appointments early in the day. As a program organizer, you should adhere to strict guidelines in punctuality.
Watch the clock at all times and help your businesses to arrive for meetings on time. Allocate about 15 minutes for each matchmaking appointment. Ensure that attendees make the best use of each session.
Remember to bring in the business cards and corporate publicity collateral. Attendees when well versed with a company’s business motto and service, ensure that the meetings are successful.
As a participant, a business matchmaking session should have capability statements of both parties. Core competencies, main expertise, past performance highlights are instrumental in winning contracts. Highlight why the company is the best fit for the job.
Try and plan your trade show pitch. As a participant, you should practice your pitch well in advance before meeting a potential client. You only have 15 minutes or less to make a memorable impression in a trade show. Prepare an elevator pitch if possible, and highlight business capabilities and present customers, past performance and unique sales propositions.
Remember to exchange contact information and ensure that meetings are fruitful in getting business for your company. Follow up on crucial days and arrange subsequent meetings or conference calls outside of the trade show.
As a trade show participant, you should choose the right B2B matchmaking software. This helps in the success of a business matchmaking endeavor. In order for the attendees to transform a lead into a deal, companies need to access B2B matchmaking apps where data is fed and meetings scheduled without a glitch. This business matchmaking app should be user friendly and easily navigable. This app should be well understood- its functionalities and efficacy.

This app in turn designs a powerful and meaningful networking session that has a great impact on attendees. With high quality logistics and attention to every single detail, you can successfully nurture business matchmaking deals. At Eventdex, we offer our clients a 360 degree business matchmaking experience and also have an app that delivers on promise when organizing trade shows. Our event planning expertise and logistical support is well known in B2B event planning circles, the world over.

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