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Edna B. Shearer

I was just like you when I first started. Lost. Confused. Overwhelmed. 

It’s easy to get demotivated in this field especially when you hit a low. And I feel you because I have been there too. When I first started trading, I came across scammers too. They sound so promising with their flashy features that it’s almost impossible to not fall for them. And as an amateur trader, you do not realize that security is the most important factor, not some extravagant features that you are not even skilled enough to use. 

Initially, I came across about four scamming platforms before I finally found TrueNorthBit, and ever since then, I have been a loyal customer. But I want you to keep in mind that in trading you will fall prey to scammers if you are impatient. I was lucky enough to only have lost a few of the assets. However, I had a close friend who invested all his inheritance in one of the forex firms and ended up losing everything. I am not telling you this story to scare you, but to make sure that you are aware of the realities. 

Many people believe trading is a gamble, a mere game of luck. Others believe it’s the survival of the best, just like hunger games. But from my years of experience, I’d say it’s for the patient and good decision-makers. You do not have to depend on luck, just be aware of the market trends and have a secure trading platform.

For me, my go-to trading platform has been TrueNorthBit. And if you are here investing your time in research to understand various platforms and then choose the best for you, then you are on the right track. And I want to help you in making this decision by reviewing TrueNorthBit so you can understand its features and if you want to opt for it, then you can have enough prior knowledge. It has some flaws but at the same time; it offers some amazing and helpful features too. 

No hassle of software or programs

This aspect of TrueNorthBit appeals to me a lot. It is a web-based service so you do not have to get into the hassle of installing external software or programs. Such external software can be burdensome not only for the customer but for the device as well. At times, the software comes with specific system requirements. And it always comes with the threat of risking your system to viruses. 

In contrast to that, web-based services are easier and more convenient. You merely need an internet connection and you can trade anywhere on any type of device. In addition to that, you can log in to your account on any device and start from where you left off. 

In my suggestion, whether you go for a web-based broker like TrueNorthBit or any broker with external installation, you should first understand the entire process before signing up so you have greater knowledge beforehand. 

What’s the top priority? Security!

That one thing every forex firm and trader out there wants to affiliate with is security. Trading platforms want to convince the users that they are the safest platform for trading, while every trader wants the assurance that they are investing their assets with a secure forum. A secure working environment encourages its users to work confidently while it gives the platform a sense of satisfaction that carries them to the winning end ultimately. 

With TrueNorthBit I’m not only confident while working but also experience a strange sense of relief and calmness. Because I’m sure that the administration is working hard to ensure the safety and security of its platform. As a user of the forum, I can feel their concern towards public interest and that it is the utmost priority for them. This very concern encourages me to keep working with TrueNorthBit.

Trouble-free Login

Listen carefully now! I have got just the tip that any new trader needs and an experienced one can make use of it too. A fake forum will try to entrap you into minor issues to distract you from bigger underlying problems. And their first step in doing so is by creating issues when logging in. they will try creating issues when you try to open the account on multiple devices at the same time. They have added limits that show up as errors and then you get trapped in looking for a solution for these errors. 

These fake platforms make your access to your hard-earned money tough by creating these minor issues while they steal your assets. But this is not the case with TrueNorthBit they worry about your money as much as you. Therefore, they have no restrictions when it comes to Login restrictions. 

Education has no age limit!

Now that you are here and listening to my opinion, then take my words and inculcate it in your mind; a good trading experience doesn’t come from wealth or amplified assets but learning. You can only grow into trading if you don’t halt your educational experiences. TrueNorthBit understands this very well. Hence, they have created a comprehensive education system. 

This educated system keeps you updated on all important contemporary issues so that you never miss out on market trends and crucial events. To increase understanding and easier access they have categorized their education system into Frequently Asked, ebooks, Assets Index, and Glossary. Each category holds substantial information. 

Questions are never foolish 

Like I have mentioned before, TrueNorthBit truly caters to the public interest. They firmly believe in developing a strong bond between the form and the trader. One way they do so is with the help of responsive customer service. No problem is too small, or no question is foolish to them. They understand that as a new trader many of their users will have lots of questions and they are there to provide their professional assistance. 

TrueNorthBit has introduced multiple emails to contact them such as call, email, chat and you can even submit a form. I feel like the wide range of options shows how inclusive they are of their users. Whether you are an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert, they will have an option that suits you.

Areas of Improvement 

  1.  Can update FAQs more frequently 

When I say they have an amazing education system, I’m referring to their well-written content and smart categorization. They have arranged their content and written it in a way to maximize learning while the layout helps you easily track the problem you are looking for. However, there is a little drawback that can further improve this system. As of now, they are slow in updating the FAQ section. I hope they do this soon because it will save the users time. Otherwise, they have to contact customer service and sort out their concerns. Because trading is a very field which is rapidly growing, which gives birth to new queries. 

  • Can introduce a free trial period

This aspect I feel is the biggest drawback of the platform. They do not offer a free trial period. This feature can be extremely helpful for new traders that are just checking out the platform and making their mind. It can further help new traders get acquainted with distinct features of the forum and what they have to offer. This free trial period uses fake money so there are no real losses or gains and you end up getting the practice you need while getting familiar with the platform.  

  • Can offer private analyst 

No matter what kind of membership account you own on TrueNorthBit they do not have a private analyst to guide your way around. It might sound like a luxury but I feel like it’s the amateur traders that need them the most. If they add this feature, it can give the forum a 180-degree turn.

  • Can add video lectures  

I feel like more people can benefit from video lectures as compared to written content. Watching videos is faster and maximizes your learning experience whereas reading is time-consuming. To ensure that the users remain updated to the changing market trends and have easy tutorial videos to help find their way around the forum. These videos can also guide people on the do and don’t of trading or teaching the ethics of the forum or maybe simply as educational content. In my opinion, videos can truly enhance a traders efficiency 

Final Remarks

A good forum makes you feel secure and satisfied. You might have noticed in my review that TrueNorthBit is not exactly flawless. It has certain areas of improvement. However, its services are enough to support maximum profits, keep you satisfied and offer security. Its various features can not only help you gain experience as a trader but also help you grow, learn and become more efficient. It’s these aspects that have made me stick with this platform for so long. I hope my review gave you an insight into TrueNorthBit. And if it appeals to you, you can check it out. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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