What Are The Special Features Of The Vivo Y12?

Edna B. Shearer

The Vivo Y12 offers great features and a stunning design that has not been compromised in any way. If you are looking for a phone that can be an ideal part of your daily routine, then the Vivo Y12 should be seriously considered. It comes with two cameras on the back – a 16MP main camera and a 5 MP camera on the front. The Vivo Y12 packs full audio capabilities with Audiovox audio enhancements.

Excellent Sound Quality

As a result, this phone comes with excellent sound quality. The Vivo Y12 also features a heart rate monitor as well as other health monitoring features. You can get readings from your pulse rate monitor and it can also measure your heart beat in just a few seconds. If you want to connect your Vivo Y12 to your PC, the card reader is capable of doing so. You can even use it as a computer when connected to a laptop or PC by using a USB cable.

If you are a fan of free services, then the Vivo Y12 will give you more to choose from. Apart from the free email app, this phone also includes unlimited messaging and video conferencing features. Apart from these, you get a Bluetooth headset, a memory card, an optional mobile phone stand, a data cable, and a micro SD card. These are all sold separately.


When it comes to connectivity, the Vivo Y12 supports high speed data on 4G and it can transfer media files at a full 4K resolution. The phone also supports high definition media files. It has a wide range of connectivity features including wifi on the go. This means that you can connect to the internet using your Vivo Y12 wherever you go. The phone comes with a free software download for android and a free software download for windows.


The battery of the vivo y12 lasts for a long time. It also has a long Talk Time, which indicates the amount of talk time that you got left on a particular call. The battery of the phone has a very long Talk time, which helps you make important calls. The battery should last up to 5 hours.

Easy to Use Interface

The Vivo Y12 has a very easy to use interface. Even kids can use this phone as it has a simple interface. The phones have a large memory capacity, which makes it possible to store lots of data. With a large memory capacity, you can save lots of videos and photos. The phone also offers different storage options like allowing you to store your contacts, emails, notes, calendar, contacts, notes and much more.

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