Why Start a Business with a New ATM Device?

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Whether you buy a new Automated Teller Machine or a second-hand one is an essential decision for any business owner or bank. But it might be more important if the person is just getting started in this industry. Without the proper knowledge and experience, people really want to know what they can expect. 


People who want to start this kind of business want to do it right from the start. This article will take a closer look at the difference between unused machines and refurbished ones, focusing on why it is a lot better to go brand new if you are just starting in this line of business. People will want to consider technology, lifespan, ease of use, the total cost of ownership, and compliance.


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Longer lifespan


The life of an Automated Teller Machine will depend on exposure to elements, as well as the rapidity of software updates. But people can expect new devices to last around ten to fifteen years. A well-maintained refurbished ATM can last more or less ten years, all things considered. But of course, people will get additional years if they buy a brand-new device. Not only that, the lifespan of the ATM can be extended with consistent service and repair, routine maintenance, refurbishments, and upgrades.


Latest technology


A brand-new device is going to come with the latest technology. While refurbished ones will perform the same functions as new ones (withdrawals, deposits, or balance checks), there is a new technology that people will not find yet in older devices. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, additional technology could include cash recycling, Windows 10 software, as well as video terminals on ITMs or Interactive Teller Machines. 


These features can make or break a business when faced with stiff competition. If owners are just starting with this line of business, they might want to enter the industry with the latest software, hardware, functions, and features. Then, as they get more familiar with the device, if they decide to buy more or need replacements for their existing ATMs, they can choose to purchase second-hand versions depending on their experience of what works best for their location and what is “nice to have” but not “need to have.”


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Easier to use


To piggyback on the reason above, the new technology usually makes the device friendlier to the users. That goes for both the operators and the users. For instance, video terminals might draw more attention to the device and gain the trust of potential users. 


But if owners need to update input or graphic functionalities, usually the operator menu is going to be a lot easier to use newer machines. Older ATMs can be pretty complicated. That is one of the reasons brand-new techs are developed: to help improve its usability. That is why if owners are new to these things, they might want to start out with brand-new ATMs at least until they get more used to it.

Automatic compliance


Automated Teller Machine technology improves every now and then to make utilization easier and quicker. Additional features are designed to help address consumer feedback and needs, such as accessibility. As government and banking regulations change, so do ATM features, and people need to remain complaisant to operate the device. 


For instance, ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that machines are accessible to deaf, blind, or individuals who use wheelchairs. New devices like ATM machines by Puloon need to be developed to meet these requirements and associated regulations. 


That is why, when purchasing a new ATM, people should know they are already compliant. Older ATMs might have been compliant at the time they were made, but regulations always change as consumer needs change. Refurbished or second-hand machines can be adapted to meet the latest regulations, but owners do not have to worry about it at all if they buy a brand-new equipment. Europay, MasterCard, and Visa compliance are another important concern. 


For more security, more debit cards are made with microchips. This chip can be entered into an Europay, MasterCard, and Visa card reader instead of swiping the black strip at the back of the card. Machines need to have an Europay, MasterCard, and Visa card reader to be compliant. It can be added to devices not already equipped. New Automated Teller Machines will already have it.


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