Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting For Your eCommerce Business

Edna B. Shearer
Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting For Your eCommerce Business

The thought of running an e-commerce business cannot become a reality until you have a robust hosting plan for your dream business. It is just not possible to take care of everything yourself, from setup and marketing to execution. This is where you need managed web hosting plans that efficiently take care of your hosting needs. 

If you lack the requisite skills or technical expertise to oversee server management, you can choose managed dedicated plans, where a team of professionals will take care of your hosting requirements. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of managed dedicated server hosting for your e-commerce business, so let us begin. 

What is a Managed Dedicated Hosting Service

Managed dedicated hosting refers to a type of hosting service where an entire server is dedicated to a single client. Additionally, the hosting provider manages all aspects of server maintenance, which may include hardware setup, software updates, security and technical support, etc.

Advantages of Managed Dedicated Hosting for Your E-Commerce Business 

The managed dedicated hosting benefits are discussed below: 

  • Data Privacy and Protection 

This is one of the most important aspects to take care of. Customers share personal and financial information, so it becomes your responsibility to keep your e-commerce website safe and secure from all possible cyberattacks. With fully managed dedicated server hosting, your server and website are safeguarded, reducing the risks of hacking, viruses, DDoS attacks, and data theft. 

  • Round-the-Clock Availability 

Your e-commerce business is up 24/7. The main reason behind this is that your customers are available anywhere in the world and can shop at any time of the day. Your website should always be up and running to ensure that consumers have a seamless shopping experience. 

This is exactly what managed hosting takes into consideration, where even if you face the smallest issues, there are professionals at your service who would instantly resolve the issues. In addition, with managed dedicated server hosting, you get constant server monitoring and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

  • Economical 

You may feel that managed hosting is more costly than any other traditional hosting plan. Still, in reality, it is cost-effective because, with managed dedicated hosting by your side, you will not find the need to additionally employ an extra team of professionals to manage your servers or technical needs. 

  • Team of Specialists

With managed dedicated hosting services, you get effortless assistance from technical experts who help you maintain the server. In addition, the experts also help provide you with the required support for setup, website migration, and storage management. 

  • Website Speed 

Websites that have slow speeds affect search engine rankings to a great extent, and this is the reason customers seem to leave your site. However, the situation completely changes when you select managed hosting for your e-commerce business. With this, your e-commerce site remains protected, and the site loads at normal speed, automatically increasing customer retention. 


Remember that opting for managed hosting services is an important aspect that must be undertaken to protect your business against any future loss. With managed dedicated hosting, you can give full attention to your business, leaving the responsibility of server management in the hands of the professionals. 

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