Gold price best in 9 months. Here is what you need to know

Gold Prices Hit Lowest Level in Nine Months

Even if you are only Selling gold jewellery in Brisbane is still means that you need to know what is going on with the national and international gold prices. Especially if you sell gold to make an investment, or to invest the money in a retirement fund. There are a couple of things to know about the gold price. For someone new to selling and buying gold, this can be confusing.

Each country has its own gold price, and for example, the Australian gold price will be a lot different than in the USA. But, if you are selling gold online and internationally, it is essential to know the price internationally as well.  At the moment the gold price is increasing and is the best it was in almost 9 months. Meaning that it’s the right time to start selling gold right now.

The last update of the spot gold was at $1,936.39 per ounce. This is the highest that the price was since April 2022. Experts are saying that the price will stay steady at this rate for some time. The US gold futures increased by 0,1% to $1,938.10.

Other great news is that Swiss exports of gold to China, Turkey, Singapore, and Thailand also increased to the best price in a year. In Australia, Australia’s Newcrest Mining announced that gold production fell 2,8% in the second quarter of 2022. For those that are interested the spot silver has decreased to $23,57 per ounce, platinum is also lower by 0,3% and palladium is 0,2% lower.

Those that are considering sell gold jewellery Brisbane, need to consider the gold price internationally and nationally before they can actually make the sale. There are reasons why this is something important to monitor if you are a gold seller.

  • It will be clear that you want to get the most cash as possible when you sell your gold jewellery. The last thing anyone wants is to sell it for under market prices.
  • You will also be able to know what gold buyers are willing to pay for your gold jewellery by checking different gold buyers websites for what they are paying per gram.
  • Not only knowing when the gold price is high is important but also knowing what carat jewellery you have to sell and how much it weighs. For example, selling 50grams of 18k jewellery will get you double the price of selling 50 grams of 9k jewellery.

This is something that those who sell gold jewellery Brisbane want to hear. That the gold price is at its best in 9 months. That those that are considering selling their unwanted gold jewellery should act now to get the best possible price for their old unwanted prices..This is the basic rule of selling gold jewellery. You need to wait until the market is perfect for getting the best price and the most profit from your old gold.

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