Home Solar Panels: Are they Really Good for your Home?

Edna B. Shearer
Can Your House Rely 100% on Solar Power?

Most people are now getting aware of the damage being done by fossil fueled power electricity to the environment, that’s why they want to shift to a more environmentally friendly source which is solar power. Solar panels have been popularly used anywhere and have benefited a lot of residences. Home solar panels are being installed by solar panel companies to residences who want to change their energy sources to an environmentally friendly one. 

How Much Will a Solar Panel Cost?

Decades ago solar panel costs were expensive but to almost 70% of the original cost. Due to this more  and more residences were encouraged to use solar power as their source of electricity and that’s a wise choice they made. The rate for solar panels for home cost is at $2.81Wh and the whole amount will depend on the system you will have at home. 

How Does the Solar Power System for Home Work?

A home solar system consists of structures installed in your home to make it function well. Solar panels are mounted in the roof since this is where the sun strikes the most, therefore it can get more power. Solar panels are connected to wires going to the battery charge controller, the controller is then connected to the DC converter where current received is converted to Alternating Current (AC) so it can be readily used by household appliances. Watts and voltages will depend on what your home needs, your solar panel installer can tell you details of what is suitable for your home. 

Can Solar Panel Power my Home 100%?

That will be a yes but not all the time, there will always be a time when it needs grid power to work. So residences will have options to have net metering in their solar panel system or not. When you opt for net metering this means that your solar panel will be connected to the grid, just in case the solar panel system can’t cover all the energy you need it will be getting power from the grid. On the opposite if your solar panel system exceeds your usage  this can be stored  to your grid and can be used when your solar panel power is not enough. Off grid solar systems can also be possible as long as you can monitor all your energy usage then you can conserve energy so you won’t need net metering. 

How Long Will I Use My Solar Panel System Before I get my ROI?

Getting a solar panel system installed at your home can be a good investment, because although it’s expensive you can be able to get the money back you spend by having big savings on your bill. Eight years will be the average period and you can get your ROI. This is far better than paying never ending bills that never stops skyrocketing.  Most solar panel home users can attest to the advantages the solar panel system has given them and how big they have saved from paying bills. 

How Long Will It Take to Install a Solar System for Home?

When we talk about the installation itself, it will just take a few days but considering other factors it will take longer. Permits and licenses are needed to be able to get the installation although most solar installers provide these documents, they still need time to do so. For instance if you opt to have your solar panel be connected to net metering then installation will be longer than the normal. 
Having home solar panels will not only help in lessening air pollution but can be beneficial to your family  and your whole neighborhood. It is a good way to be able to monitor your energy usage and it can teach you how to conserve your energy usage. Solar power for home has already been common to some States since they have seen the advantages it can give them. Join them by having a solar panel installed in your home, think about all the benefits it can give you and your family. Electricity is one of the basic things every person needs and the price is continuously going up, with solar panels it will be a different story. Is home solar panels worth it? ask our experts at Solar Alternatives.

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