Marquise Engagement Ring and Its Characteristics

Edna B. Shearer

Engagement rings represent one of the most important events in a couple’s life, every woman longs for an engagement ring that she will love and her partner also wishes he can get one that will not disappoint her partner. That’s why jewelers created numerous designs for people to choose from, to make it easier for men to select the best they could offer to their dearly beloved partner. One of the rings we would recommend is the marquise engagement ring. 

Marquise diamonds are also known as boat-shaped or football-shaped diamonds. Their designs are more classical and historic in appearance. Marquise diamond rings are rarely used for engagement rings but for couples who are not so traditional this will be a good pick and here are the reasons why. 

Characteristics of Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Marquise Cut Engagement Ring Shape 

The cut of this diamond is unique because it was actually made for diamonds but was later on use as cuts for other gemstones. Having a marquise diamond engagement ring will make it more unique since it is not commonly used for engagement rings. This cut will also make more people check on your partner’s engagement ring because of its unique look. Every man is always looking for something unique to give to their partners and then Marquise Cut Diamond one will be a perfect fit. 

Better Effect On the Wearer

marquise shaped diamond can make the finger appear longer because of its elongated shape. Your partner will love it since women love accessorizing their bodies with things that can enhance their beauty. Apart from that  Women are known to flaunt their engagement rings and feel proud that their partners had asked for their hands in marriage. With this kind of ring, people would immediately notice the distinct ring on their finger. 

Bigger Appearance of the Diamond 

Marquise shaped diamond can make it appear larger when being looked upon because the diamond is longer compared with other shapes such as round. For instance, if you buy a diamond that has the same carat weight as a round diamond, the marquise shaped diamond will still appear bigger despite having the same carat weight. 

Marquise Diamond Settings

For the settings, you can pick your choices since setting selection is governed by several factors such as the metal use and design of the ring. However, settings that are recommended Classic, solitaire, and halo settings. 


Prices for marquise cut diamond rings are lesser compared with round shape diamonds since expert cutters can maximize the carat weight of the diamond because of its tips. Unlike with round diamonds where excess is wasted.To maximize your money’s worth consult an expert diamond cutter to have a diamond-cut without light leakage. This concern is referred to as the bow-tie effect, this is when diamonds are cut and result in imperfection. To check your diamonds you can ask for a video from your jeweler since these effects are easily seen when diamonds are captured by video. 

Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring

Marquise engagement rings are considered vintage designs since they originated from the 18th century when King Louis XV hired a jeweler to make a unique shape for her mistress, which was based on the shape of the mistress’ mouth and this became the marquise shaped. Diamond shapes with a story behind them can be a good choice since you know where your ring was based from, it creates more excitement on the part of your partner why you choose this type of engagement ring for her. 

Unique Marquise Engagement Rings

Aside from the historical uniqueness of marquise engagement rings are also becoming popular since they are being linked to popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, who wore a marquise diamond ring on her first marriage. Oftentimes engagement rings that are linked to popular people are loved by many. 

Shops for a brilliant diamond Marquise engagement ring in Dallas for your choice. This can be a perfect engagement ring for your partner and a wedding ring for both of you. With its unique characteristics, your partner will love it surely. Make this your choice and you will never regret it. Contact your jeweler, and they can guide you well in getting the perfect marquise engagement ring. 

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