Simplified data transfer from Outlook to SharePoint Upload Add-In

Edna B. Shearer

In everyday work, Office users in Microsoft 365 manage and edit their e-mail accounts and e-mails with the help of Outlook. As a rule, a large number of different e-mails such as invoices, offers and orders, sometimes with attachments, end up in the employee’s inbox every day.

In this article, we go into more detail about the automated filing of e-mails and attachments directly in SharePoint. In this article, we present the Outlook add-in specially developed for this purpose by a SharePoint development company.

The storage of data from Outlook so far

Important e-mails and attachments are often stored manually in everyday work using the “Save as” function in the appropriate place in SharePoint. However, no content types and metadata are added or specified during this process and must then be manually updated directly in the SharePoint library.

With the new Outlook SharePoint Upload Add-In, users no longer have to jump back and forth between applications for this process, but can upload e-mails and associated attachments directly from Outlook to a SharePoint library. The big difference and enormous advantage of our add-in are that the content can be enriched directly from Outlook with content types and metadata.

  1. This includes the ability to enrich the data by tagging it as well as by adding additional information such as comments or notes. The new Outlook SharePoint Upload Add-In is available now in the Office Store as a free download. Microsoft has announced that it is making a new Outlook 2010 Beta version available to download for everyone. The Outlook 2010 Beta will allow users to preview the upcoming changes to the user interface and features for Outlook
  1. This is not a final version of Outlook 2010, but more of a preview release so that Microsoft can test and refine its changes before the final version is released in the coming months. There are a few new features that users will notice right away when they start using Outlook 2010 Beta. One of the most important changes in the new ribbon toolbar with all the buttons, toolbars, and features that you would expect from a modern Outlook application. Another major change is the improved Exchange integration in Outlook

This is how our Outlook add-in makes your work easier

By default, our Outlook add-in fits seamlessly into the Outlook navigation of the start area. Of course, it is also possible to place the add-in in any other designated location within Outlook.

In the settings of the add-in, all employees have the option of permanently connecting to the SharePoint portals relevant to them with their access data. All existing sub portals are displayed at the same time.

If an e-mail is now marked or selected in Outlook, a new menu appears on the right edge of the screen, which offers the option of uploading either only the e-mail, only the attachment or both together.  

If the user has decided on one of the three options by ticking the corresponding option on the graphical interface, he gets to the next step. All subsites of his connected portals are now displayed here. Clicking on one of the subsites displays all subsites and the libraries they contain.

  1. Library display:

 If the user has chosen the *Library display* option in step 1, he sees all libraries that are contained in the selected subsite. In the example of the subsite “portal1”, there is a library called *MyPortal* which contains various portal libraries. The library display is automatically updated if new libraries are added or removed. 

  1. Library search:

If the user has chosen the Library search option in step 1, he gets to the next step. Here, he can use an advanced library search to find a specific library or set of libraries by keyword, description, author, etc.

After the appropriate library has been selected, the appropriate content type can then be specified and the upload can be carried out.

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The Outlook add-in for the automatic upload of e-mails and attachments greatly simplifies the management and filing of correspondence in Outlook. In addition, the possibility of saving content directly from Outlook with content types and metadata in a SharePoint library saves a lot of time in everyday work.

Are you interested in the solution described in this article or do you have other special requirements? Do not hesitate to contact a SharePoint development company such as Al Rafay Consulting. Our team of experts will be pleased to advise you for this purpose and any other SharePoint Solution.

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