Starting a Business With Handmade Potholders

Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into an income generator? Maybe, at one point then dismissed the thought thinking that it is impossible to make it big with a handmade business. Earning a living by sewing from scrap is barely realistic. You have to remember that everything big started small. And what a nice way it would be to work what you love and earn from it.

Handmade potholders are the simplest and one of the smallest items found in the kitchen but with a big purpose. Buying potholders from the market is surely easier than making one but looking for one that is not too small or not too big for your hands is tricky. Read on to know how to make a handmade potholder and earn profit from it.

How to make a Handmade Potholder

1. Measure and cut the fabrics into 7″ x 7″ for the front part and 8″ x 8″ for the back portion.
2. Lay the fabrics together with the wrong sides facing each other. Insert your padding material between the two fabrics. Secure the layers with a pin.
3. Sew the pieces together. Sew parallel rows with 1″ distance, and then perpendicular rows forming diamond patterns.
4. Clean the edges by trimming the excess fabric and padding materials.
5. Finish the edges of the potholder by sewing in your bias tape all around the material then leave an extra 2 ½” bias tape hanging.
6. With the excess bias, make a loop and secure it by sewing.

What materials you will need

In making a potholder, you will need an absorbent fabric, padding material (old towels or cloths), thread, bias tape, pins, needle, thread, ruler, measuring tape, pencil or fabric marker and scissors.

How much you will earn?

For the cost of your materials, a yard of fabric is under $5 depending on the quality, a bias tape can be bought in less than $2 and a thread is also less than $2. Summing it all up, the total cost of your materials is $9. A yard of fabric will make about three handmade potholders. Add the charge of your labor. Typically, a potholder will only take an hour or two to finish. You can sell each handmade potholder between $8 to $13 each and giving you a profit of $15 to $30.

Why handmade potholders will click

Many people take for granted the need of having handmade potholders in their kitchen until they are in need of one. These items are basic home necessities and you will not be encountering too many competitions in dealing with potholders. You have to be creative and make quality handmade potholders to survive the world of entrepreneurship.

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